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Everyone loves their teachers very much because of these people every person move towards success. There are all kinds of teachers in human life. Some people like to be good and those teachers become everyone’s favorites. Some teachers are very hilarious who teach a class and talk as well. Teachers’ Day is a day to thank these teachers and for that, we will be using Happy Teachers Day Quotes 2019 in Hindi or English. There are some famous quotes on the Start Your Cybersecurity Certification Journey and learn everything you need to know about becoming a CISSPteachers. 


Teachers Day 2019 in different countries is on a separate date as India’s Teachers Day 2019 is on September 5 and China’s on September 12. But the history of International Teachers ‘Day is October 5 when Teachers Day is celebrated all over the world.

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Happy teachers day quotation 2019.

On Teachers Day 2019 everyone invokes their teachers and makes love. If you also want to tune in to your teachers, below are the Teachers Day funny quotes and other Happy teachers day quotes for teachers 2019 for each category, along with famous quotes on teachers and pictures and text form.


Quotes or Quotation On Teachers Day  2019:

  • Just as Mama teaches her child to speak, the same teachers teach her to manners to speak.”
  • Remember your teachers talk about the difficult times in life, all problems will be over.”
  • “Some of the people in life are sacrificing for you. Teachers are one of them.”
  • “Laughing back at the memory of the teacher, then the reason for all the joy of wine and more laughter is the reason.”

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  • “I always remember my teachers when I’m happy because I knew all of this joy is because of them.”
  • “Teaching is a great profession that creates the future of students. In this modern world, a good teacher is a blessing. Thank You, dear teacher. Happy Teachers Day”
  • “We hear a book can change the life of a student but a good teacher can change the whole world with his words. Thank You for your blessings. Happy teacher’s day.”

  • “You are an important man in my life who proved that learning is a joyous and pleasant experience. May you have an important Teachers Day!”
  • “If there was a teaching competition. I believe you will be the winner. Happy Teachers Day !”
  • “I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time. A Teacher  shapes the character, caliber, and future of an individual”
  • “Sometimes luck favors you and you meet people who change your life positively. Wishing you a very Happy Teachers Day!”

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  • “No matter I’m happy or sad, I always remember you… Happy Teachers Day!”
  • “A hero can change the whole movie and defend people from the devil. Same way teachers are the hero of their students.”
  • ” A good teacher is like a candle. He consumes himself and provides light to students”
  • “No one can be rich more than teachers – M Awais”

  • “Responsibility of teachers is like to grow a tree in the desert and make it a jungle”
  • “Teaching is only a profession to earn money, It’s a passion to divide yourself to others”
  • ” Maybe a good teacher is costly but a bad teacher is more costly”
  • “A teacher can only teach, He cannot create your image. But a teacher can help to create a good image in society”
  • “A good teacher may be slow but he can never be confusing or he may be fast but can never be boring”
  • “Teachers plays an important role in life than parents, they gave only life while teachers give the art of living”
  • “Happy teachers day to all of my friend who taught me the full semester before a day in exams”
      • “ In my opinion, people are young or experienced ”
      • “ We always hear a great woman behind a successful man, but I believe there is a great teacher behind a successful man ”

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  • “ A teacher can handle hundreds of students but hundreds of students cannot handle a teacher ”
  • “ Before achieving a goal you have set a goal ”
  • “ Before achieving a goal you have set a goal ”

  • “Teacher means teaching people not only books but help to learn the difficult book of life” 
  • “A person who helps us to make life easy is known as teacher”
  • “Teacher is the name of guider, sincerity, and loyalty”

  • “Teachers is the best friend of the student because he teaches students and himself learn as long as he teaches”

  • “A teacher can bring a silent revolution in society by instilling good ideas in the mind of the young generation”

  • “Best people in the world are those who acquire knowledge and teach others”

  • “A teacher is the best mind maker of students”

  • “By remaining among young people teachers remain ever young, ever generic and ever active” 

Happy Teachers Day Quotes Images 2019:

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How Should We Celebrate Teachers Day ?

The teacher’s are welcomed with the welcome cards emblazoned with the Quotes on Teachers Day 2019.Teachers play a very vital role in the life of every student. Knowingly or unknowingly students too would imitate their favorite teacher in terms of teaching, learning, behavior etc.

So, it is very important that the teacher has to be a role model for his/her students. They not only inspire their students with the teaching but also in their life. For example, if a students’ favorite teacher is a Math teacher, hopefully, that student might be a math lecturer or a math professor.

 We all have special teachers. Some people become doctors, some people become engineers.

Today is a special day for these people and they are blessed. Happy Teacher’s appreciation day. So today everyone should congratulate their teachers by using quotations on teachers day 2019 or teachers day quotes 2019.

 The upper quotes are very good but some of the special quotes you have seen above. You will see some best quotations on teachers day. All happy Teachers Day quotes for teachers in English 2019  and quotation on teachers day 2019 in English. And they are all heart touching quotes happy Teachers Day quotes 2019. This is the best collection of funny Teachers day quotes images & saying for teachers 2019 in Hindi. These are some famous quotes on the teachers. You can visit our Homepage for further details about teachers day.

If you like these Teacher’s Day quotes images 2019 in English. 

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