Mens day 2019

Men play an important role in the life of everyone. As we all believe that a society cannot be a society without men. We cannot deny the importance of women but here we discuss gents. Every year international men’s day is celebrated on the 19th of November 2019. A day when we have a chance to wish this beautiful creature of God. 

Men’s day is a chance to say thank you to all the male people who play an important role in your life. Men can be in the form of a father, brother or husband. There are a lot of relations with gents. They can be your friend or boyfriend. This world would be incomplete without men. You can celebrate this day by giving gifts to your favorite men or can wish them on mens day 2019.

 Why we celebrate international men’s day?

Men’s day is dedicated to all the men’s all over the world to show their positive role in society and to raise the issues which face males during their tuff life. Rather than just celebrate this gender day main purpose of this day is to tell the world how important men are and there will be no joy without gents in this world.

 Thousands of men suicide every year. Why?. On “international men’s day, we try to raise such issues. According to a survey, only in the UK male people do suicides three times more than women. It’s a day for men’s rights, a day to give awareness to people how important gents are.

Mens day 2019

Importance of men’s Day:

In this busy world, no one cares about you like your father does. He always wants to see you happy in your whole life. There is no one whom you can share your problems freely expect your best friends. No one can love you and cannot take care of you like your brother does. There is no one who will be with you every time expect your husband. No one can give respect to you as your son does. 

So the importance of men’s day cannot be denied. You have to remember all the gents, no matter if they are alive or not. These are the people who burns themselves to give light to you. To celebrate this day, with all the men by using mens day wishes and men’s day quotes. and raise your voice for the issues of men related to their health and physical ailments.

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