Mens day wishes 2019

Men’s day will be celebrated on the 19th of November 2019. It’s an international event which is celebrated all over the world. Its celebration starts by Professor Thomas Oaster in 1992. He wants to promote gents’ contribution to society. Man sacrifices everywhere for his family. So the 19th of November is a day for men. We should wish them on this day by using these men’s day wishes, SMS and phrases 2019.

Everyone has a relationship with a male in his life and relation with gents are of different types. Your father is male, brother is male, maybe a best friend is male, boyfriend is male, the boss is male, and many other men in your life. Don’t forget to wish them on this day. 

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As they are also human so we should take care of their feelings. Men work day and night for his family as a father will be happy when his son/daughter is happy. A brother always good for his sister. A good male friend is a blessing of God.

Here you can see the best men’s day wishes, messages, SMS and phrases for WhatsApp and for facebook status.

Mens Day Wishes 2019:

Men’s Day Wishes Messages For Friends:


Today I admit that I never met men like you in my whole life. You are the mine only male best friend. Thank You. Happy Men’s Day.

A real man like you will always fight with the problems of life. You deserve better than me but you always take care of me. Thank You and Happy international men’s day.

Other people should learn from you how a friend should be. Happy men’s day my friend.

Men’s Day Wishes Messages For Brother:


You are not only my brother you are my best friend. Happy men’s day my brother.

From childhood, you tease me but I know you love me from the heart. You always understand my problems and try your best to solve them. Happy International  Men’s Day.

I cannot imagine my life without you. I know you will miss me after marriage. Happy mens day my brother.


men's day wishes

Men’s Day Wishes Messages For Father:


You always take care of me from childhood. You cut yourself to heal us. Happy men’s day my dear father.

Thank God who gives me a father like you who fulfill each and every role with dignity. Happy men’s day.

You provide me shade when no one knows me. You tell me how to face difficulties in life. Father, I can’t live without you. Happy men’s international day

You stood on my side on every trouble. You love like no one can love me. You are the smartest dad in this world. Happy men’s day dad.

Men’s Day Wishes Messages For Husband:


Women life is incomplete without the husband. You always love me as you love me before marriage. Happy men’s day my sweet husband.

I will always thank God who gives me a husband like you who always supports me. I love you. Happy international men’s Day.

God creates men like you to show the world that nothing is impossible if you have to believe to do something.. Happy international men’s day to my darling.

Short Men’s Day Wishes Messages:


A good man always does things which he thinks good for his family. Happy men’s day

Men are like steel. When they lose their temper, they lose their worth. — Chuck Norris — American actor

A real man sacrifices himself for his family. He faces every difficulty in his life but always fight.

Never judge a man from the look. Happy International Men’s Day.

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