When is Teachers’ Day celebrated? The date for celebrating this special event varies from country to country across the world. In India, Teachers’ Day is celebrated on the 5th of September every year, whereas. China celebrates this event on the 10th of September every year. While international teachers day of 2019 is on the 5th of October. These days students search for importance of teachers day 2019 and paragraph or short essay on teachers day in English.

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While keeping the importance of teachers day in mind  Senior students take the responsibility of teachers in teaching junior classes and allow the teachers to have free time on the day of every year of  teachers day 2019 October 5th.

Importance of teachers day 2019


Importance Of Teachers Day 2019:

  • On teacher’s day every class is replaced in celebrating and enjoying and doing fun.
  • On teachers day 2015 classes are run as usual there won’t be a holiday on teachers day 2019
  • Teachers and students are coming to school as usual.
  • Students give the Greeting cards and gifts to their teacher on teachers day 2015 to show love and Respect to them.

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  • Teachers across the country are nominated by the respective schools. And are selected for recognition based on their contribution to education.
  • The government of India selects the top best teachers and felicitates them on 5th September, teachers day as a mark of respect towards their contribution towards their students’ education.
  • It is considered a great honor and privilege to be felicitated on this day. Many teachers across the country work really hard to become very good teachers to get this felicitation.
  • Teachers Day is celebrated as a mark of respect towards the contribution of teachers. In support of building the nation by educating children and creating them into talented professionals. Who can definitely shape the future of their country? Teachers Day is celebrated to appreciate the great efforts of the teachers. Students wrote a short essay or paragraph on teachers day 2019 in English.

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  • Teacher’s day is celebrated for the honors and importance given to the teachers for their contribution to the student’s life to lead their aims ahead and help in reaching their goals. A student can never be denied the importance of teachers day. A Teacher is one who shares their experiences and knowledge to their students to get the idea to Set or achieve the goal Through their ability.The importance of teachers day can’t be shared in words.
  • Teacher takes the responsibility of a child to increase or maximize curiosity about their life. Below are some great quotes for teachers day by the legendary people. This is the Tributes For teachers Day From Student. On happy Teachers Day Teachers and Students attend the class as usual but the classes and the usual activities are replaced by activities of celebration and celebrate the teachers Day.


essay on teachers day


Teachers Day Essay:

Teachers day 2019 is important for all the students. Students show their love for teachers by writing a short essay on teachers day in English 2019 or paragraph on teachers day in English. Below you can read a short essay or paragraph on teachers day in English.

Essay On Teachers Day In English 1:

As we all know that our teachers play a great and most important role in our lives. They help us to improve our knowledge, skill level. Confidence as well as they shape us in the right shape to get success. So, we too have some responsibilities towards our loyal teachers. We all as the obedient students need to do heartily welcome and say them wishful thanks for their selfless service of teachings all through life as well as shaping the life of various students. Teacher’s Day (which is celebrated once a year on the 5th of October) is a great chance for us to spend a day for them and say thanks.

Essay On Teachers Day In English 2:

Teacher’s day is celebrated every year on the birth anniversary of a great person Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. He was highly dedicated to the teaching profession. It is said that once he was approached by some students and requested for celebrating his birthday on the 5th of September. And he replied that instead of celebrating it my birthday only. You should celebrate it as a teachers day to pay honor to all teachers for their great works and contributions. Teachers are the real shapes of the future building blocks of the country means they shape up the students’ life. Who is ultimately the future of the country.

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Essay On Teachers Day In English 3:

We celebrate Teachers Day on 5 October and Teachers Day is celebrated all over the world on different days. Someone who gives quality knowledge, guides you, motivates you. Prepares you to face the challenges in different stages of our life. Teachers are given the place the same as parents who add values to your life. The teacher helps you whenever you have difficulties regarding problems and your query and questions.

The instructor is one and Only One Who understands yours capabilities and abilities teaches you according. Teacher is someone who helps you for success directly or indirectly. Teacher’s day is celebrated with great enthusiasm to make everyone aware that the importance of teacher in their life

Short Essay Or Paragraph On Teachers Day In English 4:

Teacher’s Day in India is celebrated every year on the 5th of September. There is a great reason behind celebrating Teacher’s Day on the 5th of September. The 5th of September is the birth anniversary of a great person named, Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. He was highly devoted towards education and well known as the scholar, diplomat. President of India and most importantly a Teacher. Once, when he became an Indian President in 1962. Some students requested him to allow them to celebrate his birthday on the 5th of September. He said that, instead of celebrating the 5th of September as my birthday personally, why not. It is celebrated as Teachers’ Day as my dedication towards the teaching profession. After his statement, the 5th of September has to start celebrating as a Teachers’ Day all over India.

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These were some respect giving Importance of Teachers Day, Essay. Short Essay in English that can be represented by students and kids in the cultural activities and programmed held by schools and colleges. We Hope you guys make the best use of this article on happy teachers day. Thank you and have a nice day

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