Happy Teachers day 2019 Quotes, Messages, Gifts & Cards

Happy teachers day 2019
                                                                     Happy Teachers day 2019


Teachers Day 2019 will be celebrated in India on September 5, while International Teachers Day 2019 will be celebrated on October 5. This is a great day for everyone.

Remembering to celebrate Teachers Day is always with us. Its preparation begins before Teachers’ Day.

In this way, in a once-over, this day is commended to respect teachers, who are the planners of the general public without which no general public can advance. 

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Happy teachers day 2019
Happy teachers day 2019 

Give Teachers What They Deserved

Teacher appreciation week is the first full week of May in the United States. Teachers appreciation day is a special day in this celebratory week which students and teachers often look forward to.

This could be anything ranging from a pencil case to a scrapbook filled with Happy teachers day quotes, gifts and cards.

It is a great way to let them know how much they have appreciated their efforts with their work. It could be the opportunity to come up with an innovative idea for your favorite teacher.

Happy Teachers day 2019
Happy Teachers day 2019

As well as Teachers day gifts 2019, students organised events and activities to be enjoyed by everyone. Some of these include recitals, musicals, shows and sports tournaments. 


Award Ceremony:  A popular idea for this event is to organize an awards ceremony. Throughout the week students can nominate teachers for awards and at the end of the week the awards will be presented to the teachers. Categories could be “most creative”, “most helpful”, “funniest teacher”, the list is endless. This will create excitement throughout the week for the students and the teachers. Communication barriers will be lowered as teachers and students can enjoy the activities and events organized for the week. Why not organize this event for Teacher appreciation day 2009? It would be the perfect day to say thank you to your favorite teacher.

It could also be used as research for teachers who want to adapt to different teaching styles and students may take more interest in what they are being taught and how they are being taught.

Teaching is a career which requires a lot of patience and understanding. It can be hard and stressful at times which is why this event is so important.

Teachers will appreciate compliments given to them by their students and they will feel so much happier when teaching to the next set of students in the following academic year.

Learning:  Students can learn more about their teachers during the week. Students may feel the need to keep a distance from their teachers as it may seem “uncool”. However, for this week everything changes. Students will learn what it is they like so much about their teacher and why they are so fond of that particular teacher.


Happy Teachers Day 2019
Happy Teachers Day 2019


Have I enjoyed the lessons throughout the year? Students will then be able to compare their answers with their peers and they will be able to know why they appreciate their teacher so much.

Teacher appreciation week 2019 is not just for current students. Former students can also choose to appreciate a teacher who taught them whilst they were at school. Students can send a Happy  Teachers day gifts to their favourite teacher and tell them why they still remember them after leaving the school. 

Teacher appreciation week is a great opportunity for international students to be included and have fun in the celebrations.

 The students may turn to their teacher if they feel down about being away from house.

A Guide on How to Celebrate Teachers Day 2019

Happy Teachers Day 2019 has become the latest way to thank your teacher for a wonderful year of school. In this day and age, where technology rules, it has become common for students, or parents alike to send free ecards to show their gratitude.

These e cards have quickly become the fast  way to thank anyone. The beauty of ecards is that you no longer have to go out and buy a card, but can simply log onto the internet and send your ecard for free.

Happy Teachers Day 2019
Happy Teachers Day 2019

Schools would be nothing if not for the dedication of the teachers. Charged with inspiring the younger generation to fulfill their dreams and assume adult responsibilities, a teachers job description is formidable, to say the least.

However, the real challenge for a teacher is to interest young minds in the subject at hand. Therefore, a dedicated educator is not only able to instruct, but actually evoke enthusiasm, stimulate students creatively, and motivate them to find their voice, their passion, and a sense of self-esteem based on knowledge.

Teacher Favorite subject :A teacher who loves their subject, be it biology, home economics, or art, and is able to communicate their excitement can be just what a kid needs to guide them in their path.

To commemorate their contributions to fostering the developing mind, nurturing interests that become the lifelong habits of future generations, give each teacher in the school or school district a item for the desk and classroom in honor of Happy Teachers Day.

Show some gratitude by organizing a school-wide assembly to recognize their accomplishments.

Get the students involved in these efforts!

Happy Teachers Day 2019
Happy Teachers Day 2019

Bring some media attention to Happy Teachers Day by urging your local educational associations (PTA and others) to get vocal and encourage the local media to run pieces that emphasize the role of teachers in shaping the community.

If you are not currently attending school, think back to the teachers that made a difference for you. Seek them out, if possible, to share what they tried to instill in you made a lasting impact in your life.

So to help make your Happy teachers day that bit more special this year, send her free e-cards. This way you don’t have to spend a cent on the ecard, and don’t have to go out and waste valuable time looking.

Throughout the world, sending e cards has now become one of the most popular ways to thank people, I personally believe it’s the ‘free’ part of free ecards that is the main reason for this.

Teachers Day Gifts 2019 – 10 Teachers Day Gifts Ideas

Teachers play an important role in guiding the growth and development of a child. Starting from learning the alphabets in starting of school, a baby boy develops the skills in reading, writing and arithmetic. The child then progresses to study high quality books and foreign languages in high school.

As parents, it is appropriate to show our appreciation to our children’s teachers on Happy teachers day 2019 by sending them a small gift.

Happy teachers day 2019 gifts
Happy teachers day 2019 gifts

While we can certainly let the teachers know how much we appreciate them at any time of the year, most parents send teacher day gifts on Happy Teachers Day 2019 (Tuesday on the first full week in May In USA), at the end of the school year, or for the Christmas holiday. This article provides some Happy teachers day gifts 2019 ideas for Happy teachers day 2019.

In selecting Happy teachers day gifts 2019 or cards on Happy teachers day 2019, you can think about what they may like and what may be useful to make their lives a little easier.

Teachers day gift no 1. Teacher Gift Basket: There are gift baskets designed with teachers in mind. One such basket consists of a gift tote filled with an inspirational book for teachers, a coffee cup, a writing notebook, gourmet coffee, and a variety of gourmet treats.

Teachers day gift no 2. Personalized Coffee Mug: You can send an attractive white ceramic coffee mug that come in many different designs to choose from. The mug can be personalized with the teachers name, grade level and subject. The teacher can use the mug for their hot drinks.

Teachers day gift no 3. Personalized Picture Frame: You can send your favorite teacher a picture frame personalized with the name of the teacher, school, grade level, or subject taught. There are many colorful designs to choose from.

Teachers day gift no 4. Personalized Tote: A teacher has to carry teaching materials, students’ homework, papers, and books to school. You can make this task a little easier by sending them an attractive spacious tote bag personalized with their initials.

Teachers day gift no 5. Personalized Pen: Every teacher can use a pen to take notes and grade papers. A pen personalized with their initials will make a useful gift.

Teachers day gift no 6. Personalized Key Chain with Flash Drive: A teacher has to write lesson plans, and prepare notes on subject matters. This personalized flash drive key chain is sterling silver-plated and can be engraved with the initials of the recipient. This is a great gift for your teacher.

Teachers day gift no 7. Personalized Key Chain with Small ScrewDrivers: Teachers often wear glasses that may become loose from time to time. Your teacher will surely like key chain.

Teachers day gift no 8. Coffee Gift Basket: If your favorite teacher like coffe, you may consider sending him/her a coffee gift basket. Teachers deserve a coffee break.

Teachers day gift no 9. Thank You Gift Basket: You can also express your gratitude by sending a thank you gift basket, which is a gourmet gift basket with thank you theme. The basket will surely deliver your message of gratitude loud and clear.

Teachers day gift no 10. Spa Gift: A teacher’s job can be challenging and stressful at times. You can send a spa gift basket to your favorite teacher to relax them from their busy schedule.


Homemade Teachers Day Gifts 2019 For Teachers

You have spent much time on thinking about the best gifts that you can give to your friends or classmates on you graduation. Maybe you have thought of all the possible gift ideas for your friends. But have you ever thought of giving homemade Happy teachers day 2019 gifts or cards?.  This day is very meaningful to the graduating students but it has the most importance to the part of the teachers.

Graduation day is another day that can be added to their achievements as teachers who have molded the graduating students. The teachers are the ones who have sacrificed a lot during your stay in the school. 

Happy teachers day 2019 homemade gifts
Happy teachers day 2019 gifts

You can make some homemade Happy teachers day gifts or cards to express your thanks to them on your graduation day.

Avoid This:  Giving gifts to teachers rather than Happy teachers day would mean something and can create a bad impression on your part depending on the situation. 

 So be careful when giving a gift to your teachers. Since there are only a limited number of occasions that permit giving gifts to your teachers, you can make it worthwhile by giving the best gifts that you can give to your teachers.

Happy teachers day 2019 homemade gifts
Happy teachers day 2019 homemade gifts

Homemade Happy teachers day gifts or cards are the most recommended gift ideas.  They will be much happier if you apply in your designs the things that you have learned from them.

If you are thinking to give homemade gifts for teachers who teach Music the best gift that you can give them may be a recording of your composed songs. You can make an artwork for your Arts teacher for her birthday or a poem for your English teacher. You don’t have to buy them, but if you do, you can add some personal touches or customization to make it look more different from the ones that are sold in stores and gift shops. This is the right time to make your teachers feel that you are grateful for knowing and having them as your teachers.